Increased Confidence

Chris is an absolute lifesaver for me as an amateur equestrian who has struggled with many years of self-confidence issues, performance anxiety, and downright fear before going into the show ring.

Before working with Chris… I was desperate to find a way to enjoy a sport where I spend so much time, money, and effort trying to succeed. My session with Chris was almost like flipping a light switch. Within a few days, I was showing without taking any [anti-anxiety] medicine and having so much more fun in the ring. My trainer noticed that I seemed much more confident and relaxed.

But the best part was Chris’ follow-up and support… Knowing that Chris was looking out for me, that he knew the kind of pressure I felt, and was ready to give me the encouragement and support I needed really gave me that extra boost of confidence to go in the ring and enjoy the moment, and actually have fun showing my horse! He literally turned my attitude toward horse showing around 180 degrees!

–Melissa M.

Regained Work/Life Balance

You really helped me find a better balance in my life. I used to be on my phone up to the moment that I got on my horse to go in the ring. I was having so much trouble concentrating and putting in a good trip.

You helped me realize that I work hard and I deserve that time to spend with my horse. Now… I put my phone away the entire time that I am riding and showing… I no longer have the guilt or the pressure that I had been feeling before. I now accept that I cannot be all things to all people.


Happiness through Greater Clarity

I’ve had some real breakthroughs… during my sessions with Chris. He is so insightful and compassionate, gently urging me to follow my intuition and know how to live a happier life. I went to him with certain issues and came away with not only answers to these questions, but additional insight into other areas of my life. Chris is truly gifted in the areas of insight, hypnosis and change work. I would recommend his services to anyone.


Improved Day-to-Day Function

In recovery I struggled I struggled with normal day-to-day challenges, i.e. household chores, errands, sleep deprivation, and the list goes on. Chris really helped me to settle down, take a deep breath, and relax into my recovery process so that I was better able to do my part in taking care of myself.


From Paralysis to Movement

I thought my stress was a good thing, and I really didn’t realize how much my stress was ‘driving the bus’ and actually making me less efficient. A friend suggested Chris and after one session, I was able to calm down and get more done in less time and really feel better about it.


New Perspectives Led to Solutions

Chris is an extremely insightful and thoughtful coach, one who excels in discovering positive aspects and strengths. He was very helpful with mapping out solutions and strategies. He’s a nice guy too, and even has a great sense of humor!

–Tom D.

Changed Perspective by Sharing Experience

One of the most insightful people I know, Chris Bowman is a storehouse of wisdom and knowledge. Add a wicked sense of humor and you’ve got a life coach coaching real change in people…….while showing them how to laugh at themselves in the process!

–Roland H.

Connected Me with My Passion

The thing that sets Chris apart is his capacity for listening deeply and creatively responding to your deepest needs. I met Chris at the perfect time. I felt like I was tearing my hair out, searching for a more meaningful career. He met me where I was and helped guide my search towards a more passionate life. He helped me with my short and long range goals, and helped me fashion a detailed, yet flexible, action plan. I am now on a new path that Chris helped me blaze. Thanks Chris!

–John J.