Equestrian Focus

  • Eliminate limiting fears
  • Renew enjoyment of equestrian activities
  • Learn how to communicate with friends and family members around equestrian pursuits
  • Become the best rider you can be
  • Learn winning strategies for competition
  • Balance time and money demands with available resources
Cathy's Story

Let’s take Cathy for example (name changed to protect confidentially); a very accomplished rider who had been showing in the Amateur Owner division for years when her dream horse of a lifetime had soundness problems and ultimately was taken out of the show ring for good. Cathy caught rides when she could but without her trusty partner she often found herself intimated by so much as a cross rail. She came to me because her fear was taking all the enjoyment out of her riding. Additionally she had difficulty putting her high stress job on hold while at the shows or even while riding at home. Splitting her focus added even more stress, however she needed the money from the job to keep riding. About two weeks after our first session she called to report that she had caught a ride on a horse that had been out of the show ring for some time. Despite the horse being fresh in the schooling ring she was able to keep control of her mental status, ride through that, and get herself and the horse focused on the job at hand. She was champion in her division that day. Further down the line she was able to put the job on hold and with her increased mental focus she was able to ride when she was riding and work when she was working. Not surprisingly her job performance increased as well.

Debbie's Story

Always in the ribbons and frequently champion or reserve, Debbie was quite proud of her accomplishments and was really enjoying the payoff of all her hard work and dedication.  Though her parents had always been quite supportive her Dad frequently pointed out how much her equestrian pursuits cost.  She didn’t deny this aspect of the sport and did what she could to help defray expenses.  She had learned to braid and did as much of the care of her horses as was practical given that she had two horses she was showing.  Then the worst happened; actually as falls go it really wasn’t that bad.  She was catch riding a young horse for her trainer when he spooked, stumbled, and went down to his knees tossing her over his head.  She landed softly and got right back up.  She’d fallen before so she got back on immediately and as she tried to continue on with the schooling session he was clearly lame so the session had to be ended.  Unfortunately the youngster wasn’t as fortunate as Debbie was and had to be taken out of training for rest and rehab.  The next day was particularly windy and rainy but they were showing indoors so she made it through and rode pretty well, though definitely not her best.  In the coming weeks something happened that felt unfamiliar and unexplainable to her.  Whenever she made a mistake it seemed like it just stuck with her and she couldn’t stop replaying it over and over in her mind often kicking in thoughts of the injured young horse and fears that there would be more of the same with her horses.  This of course caused her to tense up and her horses usually calm started getting more and more tense.  Small mistakes started to turn into larger and larger mistakes in a downward spiral until it was all she could do to get around the courses that had been fun and challenging just six months ago.  The fun challenging part of her riding felt like really distant memories and she longed for those days to come back but she just couldn’t seem to feel what she had felt then.  The worst part was that she just couldn’t seem to get her trainer or her parents or friends to understand because she didn’t really understand what was going on herself.  She had come to the point where she was seriously considering giving up riding completely.  After talking to a friend who had seen me, she decided to give it a try.  After our first session she reported having had a much better show despite the fact that her horses were still anticipating a little more than usual.  When she completed the work with me she said her confidence had returned to the point it was before and her horses were going the best they had in a long time.  Interestingly enough she felt her focus was even better than before and she was back to enjoying her riding.  She decided to come back for a “tune up” before the year end shows to help with all the increased pressure of upcoming finals.

Recovery Focus

  • Manage normal life functions easily and efficiently
  • Improve sleep, calm ruminative thoughts, and improve focus on day to day activities
  • Increase efficiency with housekeeping tasks and errands that sometimes feel too difficult to organize or prioritize
  • Renew your sense of fun
  • Shift from the constant need for self improvement to really enjoying your new life by relaxing into your recovery
  • Explore recovery as a spiritual way of life instead of an event to be accomplished
  • Replace the stress of early sobriety by learning how to be truly Happy, Joyous, and Free
  • Transition from early recovery as something to be accomplished to recovery as an exciting and joyful gratitude filled spiritual journey
Emmet's Story

Having been involved in twelve step recovery for about two years; struggling to stay sober much of that time with intermittent periods of sobriety (60 days once, 90 days once) but finally achieving the milepost of a full year of sobriety, he was still struggling. He continued to work with a sponsor and a therapist but just couldn’t seem to get his house and life in order. In spite of the fact that he had found a job that was working for him at this stage of his recovery, he would frequently find himself with only dirty clothes to wear to work on Monday morning and no groceries to pack a lunch. Both his sponsor and his therapist were encouraging him to meditate and also to write another fourth step. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t seem to move forward on these things. Drinking had started to look like a viable option. During the course of our work he was able to finish that pesky fourth step, had begun to meditate regularly, and at last report was approaching laundry and grocery shopping with a renewed sense of competence and confidence.

Gail's Story

Despite the incredible gratitude she felt for her five years of sobriety with its accompanying self-control, manageability, and periods of genuine happiness she would frequently find herself in the middle of the latest self-help program. Exhausted from these efforts she would wake up (sometimes in the middle of the night) and just feel like, oh no, not another seminar, workshop, or exercise to complete. Why did I sign up for one more way of examining myself? I think I’m doing all the things that used to keep me sober and somewhat serene. I’ve got a sponsor and a therapist who are both telling me to relax but I just can’t seem to let myself off the hook. Why can’t I just be happy? What’s wrong with me? I just want to go out and play!! During our first session Gail came up with a trigger word (a word that could remind her of the deep relaxation she was feeling). Almost immediately she spontaneously began socializing and engaging in fun activities with friends. She found herself in the midst of groups that were really enjoying life in recovery. People noticed her as someone that they wanted to be around and she was sober. The ripple effect on them encouraged them to be happy, joyous, and free in their lives as well.

Stress Reduction

  • Turn stress into productivity
  • Learn useful tools for dealing with stress
  • Gain knowledge of your stress triggers
  • Activate positive stress responses
  • Prioritize to keep stress in perspective
  • Take a break from stress to enjoy life
Susie's Story - A Soccer Mom

Susie’s husband was a traveling executive. She missed him in their beautiful home. She also wanted to travel but mostly stayed home with the kids. Though she loved being there for them and realized that there would be times she would resent all their activities she more and more felt sick of just schlepping them around all the time, helping them with their homework, shopping for them. She didn’t actually get to enjoy them, her husband, or her dream home which required constant attention. When her husband came home on the weekends all she wanted to do was sleep and just let him “deal” with the kids. She also was beginning to resent him as it seemed he not only went to all the cool places, he got all the good times with the kids. In very short order Susie was able to identify what was bothering her the most and work forward from there. She just needed some time for herself. She was able to explore in hypnosis re-engaging in several activities that she had participated in before the children were born. Acting on these she also found the energy and resources to accompany her husband on some of his business trips and even turned one of these into a family vacation. Since our last session she let me know several ways she had found to make taking care of the home easier and was really enjoying it again.

Michael's Story - Executive Mover and Shaker

A very successful executive with a bright career and financial future Michael frequently found himself unable to sleep. Tossing and turning he just couldn’t stop rehashing the events of the day at work. It might have been different if this helped him to perform better at work but it just made things more stressful. Though he’d been an athlete all of his life his exercise and sports activities were becoming less and less interesting as he just didn’t seem to have the energy. Often eating on the run his clothes were fitting tighter and tighter. Though she wasn’t necessarily the girl of his dreams his recent girlfriend had ended their relationship, saying that he was emotionally unavailable. He knew she was right and that this was due to his pre-occupation with work. Sadly though he basically liked his job, he’d never intended to let his work define him, but he had to admit that it felt like it was the only thing left in his life where he felt connected to the world. It seemed like he never had any time for himself. After our first session Michael reported improved sleep. He said the best thing about this for him was that this gave him energy to reconnect with some buddies he used to play soccer with and would be playing with them the next weekend. Going forward he was finding some quiet time at work here and there just for himself, his diet had improved. At last report he had joined an amateur soccer league and had even begun dating again.

Quitting Smoking

  • Breathe Easier
  • Stop morning coughing
  • Increase stamina
  • Enjoy food more
  • Better sex
  • Improve health
  • Decreased worry about health problems
  • Cleaner house, car, and clothes
  • No more secrets from loved ones
Billy's Story - Former Athlete and Smoker

Billy played baseball in high school and it was cool to dip a little with friends. When he went to college on a baseball scholarship, then married his high school sweetheart, time for baseball became more and more rare other than watching it on TV while he had a couple beers. Since he was inside dipping or chewing became less appealing and while out one night with some buds he tried a cigarette. He didn’t like it at first but soon found himself more and more able to relax when he smoked while he had a drink. Slowly he started to enjoy this relaxation after a meal, with a cup of coffee, and when he would just take a break at work.  After a few years of smoking casually he began to notice that he would crave a cigarette whenever he felt tense or just wanted to celebrate something special. Of course when he smoked at work or at a party he hung out with other smokers. He enjoyed this company of “cool people”. Not surprisingly his wife started to smoke more as well.  She had become a “social smoker” in college. Before long cigarettes became a part of any time that they spent together.  When she became pregnant with their first child she quit.  When their daughter was born they decided not to smoke around her; not in the house, not in the car. The same thing happened with the arrival of their son. Of course Billy and Sherry had numerous conversations about quitting and numerous attempts at quitting. They would quit, one of them would sneak a cig, they’d make a pact to limit how much they would smoke, stick with it a while and then eventually end up smoking just as much or more than before. They tried patches, e-cigs (which research is proving are just as bad or worse than actual cigarettes). The turning point for Billy was when his daughter came home from school after a health class on smoking.  She was unusually sullen and when he asked her what was wrong, she replied sobbing, “I don’t want you and Mommy to die.”  When he questioned her she told him what she had learned in school that day about the negative effects of smoking.  Billy came to me a month later after trying to quit on his own.  Beaming he came back for his second session reporting that it had been easy to quit. He hadn’t smoked a single cigarette. We had 2 additional sessions just to cement his progress and to help him with tools he could use to get the same satisfactions he previously sought from cigarettes. He opted to save his fourth session for later in case he felt tempted to return to smoking.  When I checked in him with him two years later he said he couldn’t believe he had ever smoked and was so grateful to have given up the habit.

Sue's Story - "I never thought the social smoking I started in college would stick with me."

Sue was pretty popular in high school and felt pretty good about who she was and had lots of friends that she was comfortable being herself with.  When she got to college, never having been away from home much she felt pretty comfortable except going to parties and mixers.  It just seemed like everybody else knew what to expect and really fit in.  She felt like she didn’t quite fit in but when her roommate and friends would step outside for a smoke she would go with them so as not to be left alone.  It wasn’t long before she asked for a cigarette and at first didn’t even inhale.  She really didn’t like it at first and didn’t like that she was doing it.  She just put these feelings on hold so as to fit in.  Determined to fit in she bought some cigarettes and practiced by herself so I could look “cool” while smoking.  Then came exams first semester.  She felt so much pressure to excel since she was on a writer’s scholarship.  Naturally smoking provided a good study break and when she pulled an all nighter she would smoke while studying.  She just assumed that after graduation she would stop.  Fast forward ten years, between the stress of a new job after college, moving and advancing up the corporate ladder there was always a reason to need some kind of stress relief.  She kept promising herself that she would quit after completing this or that, receiving a certain promotion, or finishing a move.   Finally after several friends had breast cancer her fear of being the next one motivated her to try to stop.  She was afraid she would be the next one and was of course afraid that it would be lung cancer for her.  She  just couldn’t deal with the fact that she might get sick from her own actions so she started trying to quit.  She tried the patch, weaning herself off, cold turkey, and medications from anti-depressant to nicotine replacement therapy.  Finally in desperation she called Chris and the rest is her non smoking history.   After just one session she quit.  The two subsequent sessions were geared toward helping her to deal with the stress she used to treat with smoking.  This helped to insure that she could and would be a lifelong non smoker.

Weight Loss

  • Drop those unwanted pounds
  • Increase energy level and stamina
  • Tone that flab into shapely muscle
  • Slow or stop current weight related health problems
  • Decrease risk for future health problems
  • Acquire the fitness you’ve always desired
  • Lose weight and feel great
  • Make losing weight possible and fun
  • Achieve the healthy weight that’s right for you
  • Stop the search for another failed “magic cure” for your weight problem
  • Boost your health to a whole new level
Sherry's Story - Boredom Eater Lost 40 Pounds and Is Keeping It Off

Sherry had always been active in her youth but had also always struggled with a few extra pounds.  Going to college she acquired the often joked about “freshman fifteen”.  It didn’t seem like such a big deal at the time except that she kept it through the rest of her college career.  Additionally she gained a few extra pounds every year she was in college.  She was however able to slim down respectably when the day of her wedding dress fitting came along.  This of course involved massive exercise and pretty much starving herself. One of her friends commented to her at the reception that she might as well eat as much as she wanted because she would never be this thin again she dismissed it as jealousy.  Little did she know this was to hold true for some years to come.  First child, more weight, second child, more weight but as they became toddlers some weight came off since she was constantly trying to keep up with them.  Once they were in kindergarten and school the weight came back with a vengeance.  When it was time for her daughter’s wedding she tried what had worked for her fitting but it just wasn’t as effective.  She just felt so empty with the children gone.  The only thing that made her feel fulfilled was late night snacking.  Try as she might she just couldn’t stop herself from that bag of chips or ice cream with her favorite TV shows.  She came to me just wanting to lose ten pounds in the hopes of seeing some improvement in her blood laboratory values.  Her doctor had mentioned that she was close to being pre-diabetic.  Interestingly the ten pounds was all she thought possible at first.  After working together for some time she began to see some improvement and started to believe that more was possible.  The ease with which she was able to implement positive changes in her life astounded her and the weight loss felt to her like winning the bonus round.

Jimmy's Story - Stressed Out and Overeating

Jimmy had worked for years on starting his own business.  Having finally resigned from his full time job with a little savings he was now embarking on this lifelong dream.  While working he had started some boredom eating and since he was under so much stress, exercise had become a thing of the past.  That had never really been his forte anyway but he had made several attempts at getting to the gym always with short term success.  After working on his business for months he began to notice that with so much unstructured time on his hands his eating had increased.  He always felt he deserved a reward for accomplishing any of the work that was now ahead of him.  The result; now a whopping 50 pounds overweight.  He tried dieting several times always with the result that he would lose a few pounds, then reward himself with food.  He’d joined the gym but just couldn’t seem to figure out the best time to go.  When he did make it there he couldn’t  figure out what he should be doing, cardio, weight training, classes?  After  just one session he was able to step back and observe without judgement what his patterns were and what was triggering his self-defeating behaviors.  After several session his messages to himself changed from constantly berating himself and telling himself to just do it to actually giving himself messages about how he could achieve what he wanted.  Naturally he felt better about himself and the possibility of reaching his goals.  This enhanced his confidence to the point where he was able to seek help with his diet and exercise goals.  The result: the weight began to come off.  At last check he had lost 40 pounds, so only 10 more to go.

Other Targeted Services

  • Courageously make massive changes
  • Rebalance your life in key areas
  • Renew your life’s passion